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Hi. Welcome to my learning site of Audio Visual Learning Materials-Production and Management at the Catholic University of Leuven(KULeuven) from May 7th to July 4th 2008. This is a very wanderful place where it is good to be. I am Kule Abraham from Uganda working as an Editor in the Center of Distance Learning Studies in Uganda Martyrs University which is 82km west of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Uganda Martyrs University, commonly known as UMU is along the equator and is the university of quality in Uganda.

You want to follow what I am doing here in Belgium every day, just keep on line here and there we shall be connected. Remember to interact by sending your comments. O.k lets keep in touch.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Trends in this week

Working on the project has been key through this week. We had sessions on managing multimedia productions from the idea up to when the project closes by Prof. It was indeed a constructivist approach. From the group discussions it was clear that there are stages involved: Pre-production, production and post production. During this time, there is need for management of the project. Later on tuesday, we looked at the budgeting process of multimedia productions using case examples. Video production indeed proved expensive than animations here in Belgium. Then we had the opportunity to work on our projects by asking some questions.

I filmed the talking head on thursday. Thanks to Ayoub, the Director of the video. Today friday, I have been editing. I got the help needed and by monday, I should be through with editing and compressing. I hope the coming week will see me synchronise video and powepoint and then may be importing it to my user interface.

Nice weekend.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A weekend that was....

It was an enjoyable weekend. We had a day off as tourists to Brussels. We moved by train up to Brussels Noord(North?). It was a good experince. We saw some good buildings and passed via the famous red light street. We then headed for Brussels Centraal (Central?). Oh, there we indeed became tourists. We entered a bus that makes people tour around. We saw historical and beautiful places of the city. Check out from the pictures.

The essence of multimedia for learning

Hi. Last week was quite great. We had sessions and importantly: the userbility design complemented by learning with multimedia-a pedagological background. These really give a more profession way to develop multimedia for learning. Thanks for the lessons. Back home, one can therefore develope multimedia for learning concentrating on its essence not accidents.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Slight change in workplan

After two days: one for studying how to assess a learner in a package using flash and then the other day for streamlining the workplan, some changes have been made. I will film on 10th June. Currently, I am working on the user interface and the assessment using Dream Weaver and Flash Professional respectively. So far so good except programming the Exit button. A learner should be able to end the programme on any page. Today we recieved literature about userbility design. If followed, it shows how professional one is. I am going to start working on assesment tomorrow.

Bye for now.