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Hi. Welcome to my learning site of Audio Visual Learning Materials-Production and Management at the Catholic University of Leuven(KULeuven) from May 7th to July 4th 2008. This is a very wanderful place where it is good to be. I am Kule Abraham from Uganda working as an Editor in the Center of Distance Learning Studies in Uganda Martyrs University which is 82km west of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Uganda Martyrs University, commonly known as UMU is along the equator and is the university of quality in Uganda.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The project will be a success

What has been puzzling me since I came to this training is the transfer of knowledge in Uganda and particularly for the first time in Uganda Martyrs University where I work. Actually, the nature of my job wants me to be a master in deciding which media to use to get best results in all disciplines taught to get best results. At the end of the training, I feel I sh'd be knowing each and everything at the course because I will use it one day. More over, having an International Certificate in Audio Visual Learning Materials from the famous Catholic University of Leuven demands that the Affective, Psychomotor skills are highly evident in what I do. This has been my puzzle. Yet I can't be a master in all. Well, things are going on well. I need to perfgect my HTML. I had studed it during my masters course but whem Macromedia Dream Weaver and Front Page were introduced later, I forgot important tags. Where I work, Open Source is the policy. Oh... then I must practise and perfect my HTML programming.

From today's work, I developed the content and the Coordiantor of the training, assured us how HTML will be handy in our projects. So tomorow, I will work on my plan of actvities. I hope for the best. Jah bless.

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