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Hi. Welcome to my learning site of Audio Visual Learning Materials-Production and Management at the Catholic University of Leuven(KULeuven) from May 7th to July 4th 2008. This is a very wanderful place where it is good to be. I am Kule Abraham from Uganda working as an Editor in the Center of Distance Learning Studies in Uganda Martyrs University which is 82km west of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Uganda Martyrs University, commonly known as UMU is along the equator and is the university of quality in Uganda.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Video Production-Recording, Editing and Compression

A very good and yet tiresome time. Wednesday May 14th was indeed the time for us to start filming. We went through the techniques of camera handling, shots, angles, lighting, the axis and so many other things related to filming. It was an enjoyable yet tiresome experience. We filmed Ayoub acting. A number of shots were made and we had a chance to shoot. We filmed an interview too. This was very good.

Then on thursday was my first editing with Cut Pro. It was interesting. We were guided well. We edited our film, had cuts and it was relatively not tiresome like the video recording. May be because we did not make make many mistakes in shooting. It is very important to have a number of shots from which you can choose from or always have the best shots and the axis...though its rule may be boken. We then had our own editing. We practised individually. This was good.

The edited video was to be compressed into manageable files. We had the theory behind comprehension. It seemed hard to grasp but the real work was alittle bit easy. At the time of compression, it is important to check the details and know mode of distribution of the video foe example, CD, DVD, streaming server... This was good work done. Each person in our group had an opportunity to compress a video. At my university, band width has been band width. Buying a compressing facilty will be a very good solution to this.

Actually, I need more practise in all video production technigues. I will be doing this work in most cases back at home. Experince of technology use has shown that if you take some time without using it, you become like one who has never used it but you are at an advantage of recalling faster and doing well. I need more practice for my project will entail a number of video clips.

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