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Hi. Welcome to my learning site of Audio Visual Learning Materials-Production and Management at the Catholic University of Leuven(KULeuven) from May 7th to July 4th 2008. This is a very wanderful place where it is good to be. I am Kule Abraham from Uganda working as an Editor in the Center of Distance Learning Studies in Uganda Martyrs University which is 82km west of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Uganda Martyrs University, commonly known as UMU is along the equator and is the university of quality in Uganda.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Story Board progress

I thought making a story board for my project will be as easy as narrating a story. Today has been a day for making a story board for my project in this training. From experience now, a story board makes you to know the load of work you are going to have in your project. You have to determine the Look and Feel of the project. You also have to make the choice of the medium to use at each part (Tutorial, simulation, audio, video, an education game, Hypermedia). The graphics, still pictures, how you will guide and control the learner during the learning process, when you may assess and allow the learner to practice for retention or when are your to reinforce some knowledge or put hints. All this need one to be having a flow chart to have the logic of the whole project. All the story board is made basing on the authoring tools of ones' project. My tools are Pro Cut 10 for video, PowerPoint for tutorial and Flash as the final tool to synchronise the media I am going to use.

Aaah, will I meet the target of monday to finish with the storyboard of my project. Keep your eyes on the next posts may be. The story board will be there for comments. It is my wish that monday makes it so that I can begin scripting and making shotlists for the video I am going to use. I hope that the supervisors of the project will accept my story board and then I proceed.

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